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Discussing Guardians of the Galaxy!


Slider, Brandon Carmichael and Special Guest Jerry Fuqua II discuss the summer Blockbuster (and officially the highest grossing film of 2014) Guardians of the Galaxy along with the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe live at Famous Faces & Funnies.


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The M Cluster’s Ice Bucket Challenge

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-01h33m42s194Here is our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! We nominate 
Jimmy Groves Johnathan Mersereau David Kranbuhl
Famous Faces & Funnies Rick Shea, The Molly Roger RollergirlsDan Castellaneta, Julie Kabner, & Harry Shearer

Special Thanks to Alea Kilday and Kim Darling For being our Poerers/Eye candy!

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Discussing Wreck It Ralph


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A Reflection in Robin Williams


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Guardians of the Galaxy Blows Audiences Away

792764022dc3b366b5581b9ed21dbf55GUARDIANS UPDATE:

After 30 days in the theater the Worldwide Grosses are at   $507,442,000, making it the top grossing film of 2014
So were 7 days in and one thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is clear – audiences have a love affair with Groot! But a franchise can not live on Groot alone (or can it)? The Guardians are made up of four characters other than Groot! You have Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Rocket – A talking machine gun toting raccoon!!! Don’t get me wrong – I loved Groot (see images below – including the t-shirt I want to make), but let not forget the rest of the characters. That being said – I want to know – Groot aside, who is you next favorite Guardian?

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Discussing The Prestige


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