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Billy Dee Williams Confirms He’s Been Asked to Reprise Lando

Originally posted at Nerd Bastards

03-12-13 • Film Posted by Sarah Moran


At this point, I believe it’s a done deal for the main three original cast members – Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford – to return for Episode VII. While not yet made official, I’ve got a good feeling it will be before long. How about other members of the original cast? C-3PO and R2-D2? Without them it just wouldn’t be Star Wars, so I’d imagine Anthony Daniels will return, if only for the voice, but I’m pretty sure Kenny Baker‘s out of luck. The only little Artoo we’ll be seeing will most definitely be CGI.

And what of Lando Calrissian? The coolest cat in the galaxy? Film Buff has the scoop that when asked at a recent Monster Mania convention in New Jersey, Billy Dee Williams confirmed he has been asked to return for Episode VII. The quote from friend of the site, Henry R., being,

Billy Dee said, he has been asked, but hasn’t decided if he is going to do it or not yet.

Hasn’t decided?!? Come on, Billy, please! I think I speak for all Star Wars fans when I say, we want to know what Lando’s up to? I’m hoping he retired well, got a nice place to spend the rest of his days, y’know?

Who else from the original cast are you hoping will appear? Still no word on whether or not Chewbacca will make an appearance. Though I fear Peter Mayhew wouldn’t be up to reprise him, there’s no reason another couldn’t fill that furry suit, right?

Source: CBM

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