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An Ode to Liam Neeson
By Fawad Siddiqui

Liam Neeson Taken+2+Red+Carpet+Premiere+38th+kV11PPjEgahlTaken 2 is a pretty damn funny movie.

This girl, the daughter of Liam Neeson, is in a bikini being honed into the next Liam Neeson, as he instructs her over the phone as Liam Neeson is beaten in a dungeon by some Muslim terrorists. Nice, Beards vs. Bikinis – sums things up pretty well.

Liam Neeson is all of our dads, really if you think about it. He keeps us all safe, all throughout time and space, and various genres. I don’t think he ever masturbates. He’s a real man. And he’s sacrificed his life many times over… multiple lives, in various periods of history. Even in Krull, from Cyclopes’! He controls krakens and is a master of the fuckin’ force!
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Walking Dead Season 3: The Season of Stuff and Things


Previously on The Walking Dead . . . it seems odd to want begin my entire analysis of season 3 of The Walking Dead by talking about LOST. Since the directors of TWD didn’t have any problem using LOST’s iconic eye to help the fans understand through visual rhetorical the focus of season 3, neither should EYE—right? Ahh, puns. The season of stuff and things gave viewers a lot to consider in terms of the characters we have grown to love, their interpersonal relationships, and the dystopian walker-flavored world in which they live. But what was the greater message of the season? The eyes have it.

LOST’s Jack’s eye

If you didn’t watch LOST, you may not have thought anything about how season 3 opened with the close-up of a zombie eye. As a LOST fangirl (seriously, one of my children is named after a LOST character), I immediately noticed the connection. On LOST, the series begins with a close up of Matthew Fox’s (Jack’s) eye. The entire series ends with the same shot: Jack’s eye closing as he dies while his friends escape the mysterious island from hell as a direct result of his sacrifice. For LOST, the “bookends” of the eye symbolically highlight the hero of the series, the journey toward self-understanding and redemption all the characters in the series take, and the true nature of human connection.

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