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Brandon Streaming Final Fantasy XIV

Gonna be streaming Final Fantasy XIV tonight, new patch is out a week now, and awesome so far!

Watch live video from Reaper1183 on

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Brandon Streaming Starbound

Hey folks. I don’t post much, but if you’re interested in checking out the Sandbox game Starbound I’ll be streaming off and on. Starbound The game is still in beta, so sometimes character wipes happen, or things change significantly from day to day with new things being added. Really cool stuff so far. Now, if you dont know what this game is, well, it’s a 2D side-scrolling sandbox game similar in some sense to Minecraft. So yes, it looks old, but it sure is fun. Now how the game is different is (outside of just being 2D) quite a lot. For one there’s a good focus on combat, and questing, with a lot of exploration. You make a character and can visit millions (actually quadrillions) of other planets, all randomly generated. This is what is so cool to me so far, is just the vast amount of stuff I can explore, while still fighting getting new stuff and of course like Minecraft, BUILD! Well, enough rambling (for now, I’m sure Slider will want me to say more), I stream on Twitch, so check it out! Also check out Starbound if you’re interested –

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The M Cluster Playing League of Legends – Poorly

In the world of League of Legends, there are heroes, there are winners, and then there is The M Cluster. Watch as Dante, Brandon and I – along with two of our friends show off our gaming skillz!


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The BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Trailer is Thrilling!

I’m not much of a gamer, but this trailer has me excited! I have to agree with Jill Pantozzi (a.k.a. @thenerdybird), writer over at The Mary Sue – this needs to be a movie. And with technology coming as far as it has, I see no reason for one of the studios to not take the initiative and get to work on something like this!

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A Far Cry From A Good Game

ku-xlargeFar Cry 3 is stupid.

Well, before I get ahead of myself, let me preface that.  I am not a very good gamer.  Also, I didn’t finish Far Cry 3.

Because, Far Cry 3 is stupid.

The stupidity starts early.  Fire the game up, select a difficulty, load up a new campaign…and wait.  While you’re waiting, you’ll enjoy a barrage of half formed images barely coming into focus and poorly associated word pairs flash across the screen.  Pokemon seizures meet 4:20.

yay_no_more_respawning_checkpointsLike I said, Far Cry 3 is stupid.

The developers tout the fact that they’ve immersed our hero (whatever his name is) in a world larger and more…immersive…than the previous games.  Sea turtles swim through the surf, fully self aware, making decisions to avoid dangers while pondering the existential links between recursion and genius within Godel, Escher, Bach (it won a Pulitzer, go look it up!).  In reality, they contribute to the mindless chaos of stupid.  To be honest, living in Florida and having a crippling fear of sharks (yes, even virtual Jaws) prevented me from spending too much time with the turtles.  However, if they were half as stupid as their terrestrial comrades, they wouldn’t know the difference between a hungry bull shark and something to eat.  More on this later.

Screen-shot-2012-11-08-at-12.45.23-PM-610x400Far Cry 3 really is that stupid.

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