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Just who is Veronica Mars anyway?

The cast of Veronica Mars

The cast of Veronica Mars

So, the big thing on the internet for the past couple of days has been the fact that they are going to make a Veronica Mars movie. Now I have seen this news everywhere – and I mean everywhere! The buzz has been on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus all day long. CBS published an article about it. So it is difficult for me to make this admission, but internet here it is – I have no idea who Veronica Mars is.

According to Wikipedia :

AOL included her in its list of TV’s Smartest Detectives.[1] The same website named her the 8th Most Memorable Female TV Character.[2] She was featured in‘s 50 Top TV Characters, ranked at No. 17.[3] She was ranked No. 14 in‘s Top 50 Favorite Female TV Characters.[4]

I admit it I am out of the loop on this one… but instead of throwing my hands up in frustration I decided to seek out some people I know that are interested in the same things that I am and ask them what they thought of the Veronica Mars movie. Imagine my surprise when I found that their blank expressions mirrored the same lack of information that I had on the subject. Now given that they made $2,000,000 dollars in 1 day based on fan donations with their Kickstarter project I figure that it had to be “somewhat popular” so I decided instead to just hop on Hulu and watch the show for myself. Guess what? No Veronica Mars. So then I figured okay I’ll try Netflix  – guess what? No Veronica Mars. So then I tried to go to YouTube – guess what? Okay – I found some Veronica Mars but no full episodes to watch. So again I have to ask – who is Veronica Mars? Why is she so wildly popular?

Number 14 on the top 50 favorite female TV characters list? Ahead of Temperance Brennan, River Song, Kate Beckett, Olivia Durham and Dana Sculley?  (She didn’t come in ahead of Buffy or Willow, otherwise the tone of this article would have been much different. There were other atrocities on this list but I ain’t got time for that.) So now I turn to you, Internets – Why should I consider this show one of the best of all time? Why should I be excited about a Veronica Mars movie?  Why is this such a big deal? Leave me some comments, let me know how misguided I am. Or tell me you don’t know who she is either so I can feel better about this whole thing.

Help me Internets – you are my only hope! (Obligatory Star Wars reference.)

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