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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is out & Like the Force, is permeating the internet


Much to no one’s surprise, the long awaited Star Wars Teaser Trailer is quickly heating up the internet. Although the reception is mostly positive, not everyone is loving the trailer. One commentator on Google+ said “The Cross Saber was enough for me to lose hope. So lame. ” Another says “Could not be any less excited after seeing this.” Other examples of those who were less than ecstatic can be seen below:


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An Open Letter To Marti Noxon Regarding Season Six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

marti-noxonDear Ms Noxon,

I am currently reading Joss Whedon’s biography and I read the following excerpt, which made me want to reach out to you.

“Fans knew that Joss was spending much of his time developing his new Fox series, so they laid much of the blame for the failings of the season at the feet of Marti Noxon. “There are websites devoted to how I ruined Buffy in season six,” she says. She had been a strong advocate of darker story-lines— including the Spike/ Buffy relationship— and she had become more involved in the production aspects of the series that Joss no longer had time for.” (Pascale, Amy (2014-08-01). Joss Whedon: The Biography (p. 192). Chicago Review Press. Kindle Edition.)

So there is something I would like to address about season six of the show: I LOVE THIS SEASON.

Make no mistake I loved the show before then, but this season really solidified it for me. The fact the the tone of the show was darker, that the Slayer made poor decisions, that – in the words of Buffy’s alter ego herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar – “she felt that Buffy was losing her “hero-ness” and losing her way. “It wasn’t who Buffy was, or why people loved her.” (Pascale, Amy (2014-08-01). Joss Whedon: The Biography (p. 192). Chicago Review Press. Kindle Edition.)

Everything she said was true, and it was killing me that you put this beloved character through such a horedous time. This is why I loved this season, BECAUSE it was killing me. It showed me that I really cared about this character. It showed me I was really invested in this story. It showed me that this show was supurbly crafted and when she finally rose above the darkness it made her that much more of an inspiration. It’s themes tested. strained and in some instances broke the notions of friendship and one’s chosen family. Buffy was real – that is to say as real a vampire slaying/loving teen aged girl with superpowers could be.

My point is you reached me, you reached us – the audience, in perhaps a way that we were unprepared for. Everyone who complained, or was concerned or felt that you were “ruining Buffy” – they cared. And they cared because the show really reached them. They complained because they were affected. They complained because they loved her and the show.

Even today, 11 years after Buffy last aired, the show remains a big part of my life. So I guess what I really wanted to say to you is Thank You. I hope you wear the backlash that was received from this season, not as a blemish, but as a badge of honor. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A devoted fan,

Jose Santiago

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The M Cluster’s Ice Bucket Challenge

vlcsnap-2014-08-26-01h33m42s194Here is our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! We nominate 
Jimmy Groves Johnathan Mersereau David Kranbuhl
Famous Faces & Funnies Rick Shea, The Molly Roger RollergirlsDan Castellaneta, Julie Kabner, & Harry Shearer

Special Thanks to Alea Kilday and Kim Darling For being our Poerers/Eye candy!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Blows Audiences Away

792764022dc3b366b5581b9ed21dbf55GUARDIANS UPDATE:

After 30 days in the theater the Worldwide Grosses are at   $507,442,000, making it the top grossing film of 2014
So were 7 days in and one thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is clear – audiences have a love affair with Groot! But a franchise can not live on Groot alone (or can it)? The Guardians are made up of four characters other than Groot! You have Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Rocket – A talking machine gun toting raccoon!!! Don’t get me wrong – I loved Groot (see images below – including the t-shirt I want to make), but let not forget the rest of the characters. That being said – I want to know – Groot aside, who is you next favorite Guardian?

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