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R.I.P. <3 - You've Been Replaced

Anyone who spends any time on Internet forums, social media, or just plain old texting knows <3 is the emoticon equivalent to a heart, to signify a love for something – such as:

download (1)

But today (for me at least) that meaning is defunct. Thanks to one of my favorite people on Twitter, Charlotte Moore. Contributor to Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern and Director of the Fantasy Literature track at Dragon*con in Atlanta, Ga., Charlotte is constantly whipping up internet gold 140 characters (or less) at a time. The below exchange is one such time.


In my excitement I followed up with

(Yes, I am aware of the typo’s, bite me)

Shortly thereafter I saw this tweet:

And all I could see was a book Queefing.

So thank you Charlotte Moore, and Twitter, and @PimmsCupPimpCup (whom I don’t know but was part of the exchange and therefore should share in the credit/blame) for forever changing the internet landscape for me.

Oh and if you are interested, you can buy Dragonwriter on Amazon.

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