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This Is The End


I’ll get right to the point – This move has got to be one the the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen. And one of the funniest. it is stupidly, ridiculously, hilariously funny. FUNNY. With a capital F.

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg took the “Keep it simple, stupid” approach to writing this movie. So simple in fact that it has – are you ready for this – no characters. All of the actors in this movie are playing themselves. Well, to be fair, they play the people that viewers at large would expect them to be.

Jay Baruchel plays Seth Rogan’s friend who has come to visit him in Los Angeles. While in town, Rogan has made plans for them to attend a party at James Franco’s house, in which many of Hollywood’s blooming A-Listers are in attendance. Among these are – too damned many. Check out the image below:



This is just what I could get in one screen capture. This movie is almost over-flowing with the number of celebrities who make an appearance – and it works perfectly. The most notable of these has to be Michael Cera, who is inebriated, intoxicated, womanizing and laugh out loud funny.

The story is essentially that during this party – the apocalypse happens. Like the actual apocalypse. Not the Zombie Apocalypse, or a Nuclear Apocalypse – the mother f’ing fire and brimstone, god will smite you, hell on earth Apocalypse. The Chosen are carried away to heaven and guess what – all the actors are left behind. What we are left with is a core group of survivors (Rogen, Baruchel, Franco, Hill, and Craig Robinson) trying to figure out what the hell is going on and applying what little survival skills they have. And just when it seems like they are getting a handle on things, Danny McBride shows up to fuck everything up.

In a market that is over-saturated with disaster films, there is no doubt that this one if going to stand out from the pack. The actors comment on how they are ill equipped to handle the situation at hand because – well, they are actors. They PRETEND to be able to get out of any situation – and in this case, not so much. The genius in this that that it all adds up to a hilariously fun story to watch. You actually care about the ‘characters’ in the film and in some cases you care enough to root for their demise.

Rogen, Baruchel, Franco, Hill, and Craig Robinson take the disaster movie (and make no mistake this is not a spoof, it IS a disaster movie) to an entirely new level. If you are not easily offended and you are looking for a good laugh this is one of the years must see movies.


Have a look at the trailer below!

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Oz The Great & Powerful



I was really skeptical when this movie was announced, but much to my delight, Oz the Great and Powerful does a wonderful job of respecting where this movie comes from. believe me when I say that the makers of this film put some thought into creating a film that is a great compliment to the original, and will be an entire new age of fans into the fold without sullying the name or intent of the original movie. THIS IS THE WAY A PREQUAL IS DONE!

We come into the story in black and white – and believe it or not – in  a 4:3 film format. We find the main character of the film, the man destined to become the great and powerful Oz – Oscar, a small time carnival magician, con man, and womanizer. Right off the bat we know that Oscar, who goes by the name Oz, is a bit of a scumbag. We see him taking advantage of women (or at least attempting to), a behavior which ultimately gets him in trouble and moves him into position for his wondrous journey and ultimate transformation.
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