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Super Hero Movie Wrap Up

Super Hero Movie Wrap Up Super Heroes - Iron Man, Superman, Thor, Captain America - Whether you love them or hate them, super heroes are abound in today's pop culture - and they are big business. But what is it about super heroes that makes us love or hate them so much? Beginning with Iron Man 3 we talk about the most recent wave of Super Hero movies - What we liked, what we didn't, and what we want to see in feature films. Joining us for this episode are Rick Shea, owner of Famous Faces and Funnies (the largest comic shop on the space coast), and Actor/Comedian/Improviser and Comic Book nerd extraordinaire Fawad Siddiqui. They'll be giving us their insights as to how the source material for these super hero stores come in to play. So check out the video below where at times, we get a bit rowdy but we all have a good time. Let us know what you think of these movies and what we have to say about them in the comments below. You may just win a pair of IMAX tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy! Note: Due to unexpected difficulties, the video quality is not the best. You may just want to listen to it as the audio is just fine.   
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DC Entertainment Declares June 12 ‘Man of Steel’ Day at Comic Book Retailers and Bookstores Across the U.S.

Yesterday, DC Comics released a press release stating that June 12th shall be considered "Man of Steel Day"
In celebration of the summer’s most eagerly anticipated film, DC Entertainment is partnering with comic book retailers and bookstores across America to declare Wednesday, June 12 MAN OF STEEL DAY, ahead of the film’s wide release on Friday, June 14. Sponsored by Sears, those visiting their local comic book retailers on MAN OF STEEL DAY will receive a free copy of ALL STAR SUPERMAN #1 SPECIAL EDITION comic book by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. In addition to the free comic, DC Entertainment has partnered with Warner Bros. to provide comic shops with various MAN OF STEEL promotional posters and bags to get fans geared up for the film’s release. Continue Reading
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