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The Flip Side of the Fake Geek Girl Argument (Sorta)

geek_Girl_FeatureThis has been a hot topic of late and I have openly applauded several girls in the geek community for speaking out against it. After hearing some of the arguments however, I feel the need to weigh in on the subject. Now I would like to put this right out front – Geek Girls: I AM ON YOUR SIDE. However I feel like there is a part of the discussion that is missing.

After reading several really well thought out and intelligently written articles on the subject (herehere and here), I want to make sure there is some perspective on the topic. This is a far more complicated subject when you dive into it then it appears to be. It contains factors of gender, culture, society, and personality.

My mantra for a long time now has been “smart is sexy.” Lucky for me, many of the girls in geekdom are exactly that – smart. So as a self-professed geek the idea of women I find attractive AND that are into the kind of things that I am into is nothing short of fantastic. And the idea that there are those who want to drive those women out is quite repulsive – but let’s face it – to guys, men, boys, senior citizens, etc. in the geek culture this is something relatively new to us.
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