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The Five Stages of Batfleck Grief

tumblr_mrz0l6ZA2n1ri1m9po1_500 The recent announcement of Ben Affleck as being the next actor to don the cape and cowl created quite the uproar in the fan base across the internet. So if you aren’t sure how people have been dealing with the news, here is a handy little guide to the five stages of Batfleck greif:   First Stage: Denial – This is a joke right? I mean who in their right mind would cast the guy who played Daredevil to play one of the most beloved characters in all of comics? I mean really? This can’t be true. I’ll check with google… *Five minutes later* Second Stage: Anger – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? AFLECK??? THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL AFLECK CAN PLAY BATMAN. I’M NOT GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! THEY’VE RUINED EVERYTHING!!! SO MUCH FOR A JUSTICE LEAGE MOVIE NOW!!! WHY? WHY? WHY???? Fuck this, I’m hitting twitter…
Third Stage: Meme’s – This part is not so bad...tumblr_ms091b0cfQ1qbnagvo1_500 ulton afflac duck BastardCast-410-Title batfleck-bale ben-affleck ben-affleck-as-batman-internet-reactions-05 ben-affleck-as-batman-matt-damon-as-robin-meme download imagen-con-divertidos-memes-se-burlan-de-ben-affleck-como-el-nuevo-batman-1 meme-ben-affleck015   Fourth Stage: Depression – I can't believe it's over... Finally there was a good DC Super Hero movie and they had to go and do this? I was so looking forward to seeing my beloved Justice League hit the big screen. Dammit! If only they had allowed Joss Whedon to make the Wonder Woman movie he wanted!!! The landscape would be totally different now... Fifth Stage: Acceptance - Well... See... this hasn't actually happened yet. The truth is I am not sure it is going to unless Afleck knocks this out of the park. Batman is Hallowed Ground for A LOT OF COMIC AND MOVIE FANS ALIKE, so Afleck HAS to get this right before anyone will truly accept him as our Dark Knight. *Tweets Compiled via IO9
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