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The M Cluster Discusses Frailty

Join us as we discuss the 2001 film Frailty. Directed by and Starring Bill Paxton.

This movie caught me off guard when I watched it for the first time. While I didn’t see the twist at the end, that is not what I am referring to. What really got me was the behavior of the child, Adam. In most movies, it’s easy to follow along and understand why certain people are behaving they way they do, despite feeling like they are making a terrible mistake. Adam, on the other hand seemed to do everything you could possible have expected or wanted him to do. He didn’t believe the crazy story his dad told him. He made the difficult choice to actually come right out and say it to his face, too. When none of that worked, he took it one step further and tried to sacrifice his father, so he would stop killing others. It would have been much easier to try to ignore it, or just go away. Adam actually tried to stop his father. It was so strange watching a character do everything they should do, and have a movie that lasts more than 15 minutes.

The way the movie was filmed let the audience believe that the world in which this film takes place is the one we currently occupy. Magic and demons and personal messages from God to get rid of others is very easily attributed to a person that is not right in the head. It is not something like Thor, where the audience accepts all the fanciful things that are being said by the person that makes no sense to anybody else.

That is what made this movie interesting to me. All the rational people in the movie were wrong.

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