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ATTENTION ACTORS, IMPROVISERS, STAND-UPS AND COMMENTATORS! Like what we do? Want to join in? WEEKLY PERFORMING OPPORTUNITY ARE AVAILABLE EVERY SUNDAY AT 9 PM! BE A GUEST PERFORMER ON THE M-CLUSTER, THE STATE’S LEADING WEEKLY MOVIE COMMENTARY PANEL SHOW, FROM THE CONVENIENCE OF YOUR HOME! Paid monthly performing opportunity with Florida’s leading live-comedic webseries and additional weekly slots available! Great opportunity, perform from the comfort of your own home (without having to be the sex-slave of a Danish drug lord) and have a ton of fun riffing on movies with THE M-CLUSTER!! Performing slots available now! The M-Cluster is a weekly webseries/movie discussion group based out of the Space Coast where a panel of actors, commentators and geeks of all kind join in to discuss a movie-of-the-week via webcam! All you need is a web-camera, yourself, and to watch the movie of the week so you can share your thoughts and humor on it every week! No rehearsals required! Running and growing in popularity 2-years strong, with close to a hundred episodes in the can, the M Cluster has featured such guest performers as actor/improviser Fawad Siddiqui (The Men Who Stare at Goats, Burn Notice, Homeland), internet personality/hot chick Amina Marx, and actual military vet and Congressional Medal of Valor holder Tayron Davila! MORE PERFORMERS EAGERLY WELCOME! M-Cluster shows have been broadcast from South Beach, World of Beer, Vierra, and Dragon*Con in Atlanta and Famous Faces and Funnies/Get Your Fun On!, Melbourne’s leading comics and gaming store.. The M-Cluster has been featured on such prominent nerd sites as Joss Whedon Daily, The Black History News, The Furrington post,  and others! GREAT CLIP FOR YOUR REEL AND ACTING RESUME’S WEB SECTION! ALL SHOWS AVAILABLE TO CAST MEMBERS FOR PERSONAL USE AFTER! PARTICIPANTS ARE WELCOME TO PROMOTE THEIR OTHER WORK/APPEARANCES ON THE SHOW!. Selected performers are allowed one paid show per month, with additional free performing spots available every week for those interested. Interested performers please contact/send resumes and prior performance clips to producer/host Jose Santiago (formerly of Theatre Strike Force in Gainesville, FL) at for pay rates and to sign up for performing slots! For more info on the show visit us The series is done in the style of Felicia Day’s hit Vaginal Fantasy Book Club on the Geek & Sundry Network. Current pay rate for appearance on M-Cluster episodes is $20, with one paid show a month. Actors/Performers/Commentators are encouraged to join in on additional shows to build experience and reel material as they desire. JOIN THE CLUSTER, JOIN THE FUN! Banner bottom
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